Bedding Products

The RV Traveler’s Choice line of mattresses and bedding accessories are specially designed to help you get the best sleep of your life while living the RV experience.

Live the Journey

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Vista III Mattress

We combine the pressure point free support of AquaGel memory foam with twin zones of motion-resistant pocket coils for luxurious comfort for you and your partner. QUEEN or RV QUEEN

Reflection Mattress

Not your ordinary RV mattress! A budget-friendly option that features twin zones of motion transfer resistant pocket coils to provide proper support and superb comfort for you and your partner. QUEEN or RV QUEEN

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Sleep Solutions

Perfect RV Pillow

Whether you’re a back, side or tummy sleeper, our special 100% polyester hollow fibre fill is not only hypoallergenic, but conforms easily to any sleep position.

Luxury Choice Micro-fibre Sheet Set

Say goodbye to damp cotton sheets! Our special microfibre blend stays dry and is super soft to the touch.

Mattress Protector Bamboo Plus

Made with all-natural bamboo fibres and a polyurethane membrane for a hypoallergenic and waterproof barrier. Plus, enjoy a 5 year warranty against accidental staining when purchased with a RVTC mattress. 

All RV Traveler's Choice
Sleep Solutions

Add a Touch of Chic

to your RV Bedroom

The great outdoors and viewing new and beautiful landscapes are why we love RVing, but including a few creature comforts makes it even better and, while we’re at it, how about a little fashion as well?

Bedding Products

Bed in a Bag Sets

Your choice of
2 fashion-forward patterns
Grey Plaid & Black Boho

Available in standard queen and RV queen sizes.

Superior to Cotton

Our sheets are specially designed for RVing because there’s nothing yuckier than damp sheets.

They are woven with hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking micro-fibres that stay dry.

Incredible Value

Each set contains:

1 Reversible Duvet Cover
(Zipper Closure)

1 Decorative Pillow
(14×14 in)

1 Grey Fitted Sheet
1 Grey Flat Sheet
2 Grey Pillowcases