We’re excited to present our RV Care / Pre-Owned RV Better Sleep program to our future customers.

RV Care dealers include a new RV Traveler's Choice mattress in pre-owned RV's and travel trailers.*

We’re excited to present our RV Care / Pre-Owned RV Better Sleep Program to our future customers.

When you’re thinking of buying a used RV or Travel Trailer, what you probably envision is having an awesome experience out in the Great Outdoors, sharing and creating new and lasting memories with your family and friends. But before you can start enjoying your journey, you must find the right RV, one that will check all your expected RV lifestyle boxes.

Most of us do not think about it, BUT a third of our lives are spent sleeping, in bed, on a mattress which is essential to our vitality, it recharges us with energy, so a clean, sanitary mattress is a MUST in a pre-owned RV, don’t you think? Good news! Our RV Care Dealers have taken care of that by including a new RV Traveler’s Choice mattress in their Pre-Owned RV’s and Travel Trailers. The small things can make a big difference, you can rest assured!

The phrase ”Peace of Mind” is often times sooo overused, but this time it’s truly appropriate. Sleeping on a NEW mattress in your pre-owned RV will provide you with complete Peace of Mind.

PSST! If you’re still in the considering phase of whether to buy a New or Used, why not check-out some added info we have for you?

*Not all RV Care dealers support this program. In the menu bar CLICK on OUR DEALERS and look for under the RVC dealers contact information.

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