Shopping for a RV online can be overwhelming. The options seem endless! To help you on your journey, we’ve prepared some tips. These will help you focus your search towards making the RV choice that’s right for you.


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Find a reputable RV dealer


First of all, be sure you are dealing with a reputable dealership. RV Care dealers offer precious peace of mind because they have all met a rigorous set of standards, such as operating a full-service maintenance and repair shop, maintaining a fully stocked parts and accessories department, and employing only certified service technicians. Buying from an RV Care dealership also means that you’re connected to a network of friendly, customer-focused RV dealerships across the country.

Narrow down your search


Determine your budget by asking yourself some basic questions, such as how many people does my RV need to sleep? What type of RV am I looking for – a travel trailer, fifth wheel, class A, B or C or something else? Review our flow chart if you’re unsure

Know your tow rating


If you’re thinking of purchasing a travel trailer, don’t start browsing until you know the tow capacity of your vehicle

Create your wish list and budget


Before you get carried away with all of the options out there, make a list of both your musts and nice-to-haves, so you can find the unit that checks off the most boxes on your wish list and yet stays within your budget.

Start a conversation


Once you’ve kicked a few tires online, it’s time to reach out to a dealership to confirm your exact needs and discuss the units that have caught your eye so far. They’ll be able to give additional insight, offer some suggestions you may have not considered, and help you arrive at a final selection.

Request a video walk-through


Viewing photos are great, but nothing beats a video walk-through to get a true sense of the flow and space of a unit you’re thinking of buying.

Ready to start your online RV shopping journey? Find your local RV Care dealer’s website. Our Dealers