Tips for frugal RV trips

Tips for frugal RV trips

You can RV on any budget! Check out our tips for planning a frugal RV trip.

Double check your gear before you go 

It’s never a nice surprise to set up camp only to find an important piece of gear has been left behind. Save yourself the expense of buying a double of something you’ve left at home, and do a thorough inventory before leaving.

Have a budget

Planning for expenses ahead of time gives you the flexibility to choose more affordable options and control your costs before you hit the road. To get started with your budget, check out the expenses we suggest you consider.  

Meal plan

Planning and prepping your meals before you go is a great way to keep your camping trip on budget. A meal plan will eliminate waste, the need for extra grocery runs, and dining out.   

Pack road snacks

The cost of drive-through foods and gas station snacks add up quickly. Snack cheaply on the go by packing your own snacks or meals for travel days. 

Find the best deals on fuel 

When travelling long distances, fuel can be a large expense on your trip. Use an app like GasBuddy to find the lowest prices wherever you are.

Fewer services, fewer dollars 

The more services and amenities you have, the more your site will cost. If you’re looking to camp with the smallest expense possible, skip the RV resorts and look for municipal campgrounds, provincial parks, or undeveloped recreation areas.  

Avoid peak season

Most campgrounds drop their rates after the peak season ends, making it the most affordable time to book a site. And personally, we love the quieter sites that come with off-season camping.


Cut out your site fee entirely with a boondocking trip. Loved by frugal RVers everywhere, finding free spots to camp is a huge cost savings.

Take advantage of free activities 

There are so many free activities to enjoy while camping. From outdoor pursuits to hanging out around the campfire and playing games, you don’t have to spend a dime for quality family time. 

Wherever you travel, remember that you can count on us. Download our app before you hit the road to easily find the nearest RV Care Dealership. Safe travels!

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