You’ve pulled into a campsite and are ready to get settled for a great vacation,
now see how RV Traveler’s Choice products can help you set up camp!

Leveling Your RV – In 4 Easy Steps

Once you’re in your spot, it’s time to level. Before entering your RV, you must stabilize and secure your unit. We’ve created a quick and easy 4-Step process. You will need the following products; Interlocking Leveling Blocks, Scissor Jacks, Wheel Chocks, and a Power Jack, or manual Tongue Jack (Your RV came with one of these two products included).


Leveling blocks 

The trailer’s wheels are backed onto one layer of levelling blocks on each side to help prevent sinking into the ground. If the lot is uneven, side to side, additional layers of leveling blocks should be added to raise the lower side to be level with the higher side. For tandem axle trailers we recommend a minimum of 2 bags of blocks.


 Wheel chocks 

Once level, each side, chock the wheels to prevent rolling and increase stability. (Equally great for stopping wheel movement when changing tires)

You can now Disconnect from the tow vehicle.


Power Jack

Front to back leveling is now done using the front-end Power Jack. Levelling blocks can be used under the front-end jack(s) to better disperse the weight and shorten the stroke length for increased stability.


 Scissor Jacks

The corner stabilizer Scissor Jacks are then each lowered on to leveling blocks. These jacks are only to stabilize and are not designed to raise the trailer or support weight. The only exception to this would be trailers equipped with auto-leveling systems.

If you have a slide-out, you can now set it up. (IMPORTANT, before operating the slide-outs ensure it can slide free of interior and exterior obstruction. IE: An opened cupboard door or drawers that may have opened during travel, a tree or bush, pole, etc.…)

Be sure to follow the appropriate safety procedures before operating your propane appliances, water heater, stove, furnace, etc.

RV Traveler’s Choice makes stabilizing your RV a simple and painless process. All part of our Camping Simplified concept. Add whatever you need to your basket. 

Now that your rig is stabilized, you can continue with your camp set-up!


Take a simple security precaution

If you’re camping in a travel trailer, be sure to use a hitch coupler lock to prevent trailer theft when you’re away from your site. This will prevent thieves from hooking up your trailer to their vehicle and towing it away.


Hook up your power

Use a heavy duty, weatherproof power cord that matches your RV’s amperage requirements to hook up at your site. The RV Traveler’s Choice Power Cord comes with a choice of amperages and lengths, each with a built-in pull handle for easy, convenient and safe use.


 Hook up your water supply

Did you know that regular garden hoses contain a variety of toxins and contaminants, making them unsafe for drinking water use? That’s why you should always use a drinking water hose designed for RV applications, like one from RV Traveler’s Choice. We recommend you pair it with a water pressure regulator, which will protect your plumbing system against potentially extreme and damaging high pressures.


Hook up your sewer hose

Hook-up your sewer hose and add a sewer support to keep your hose up off the ground, it will maintain a proper slope to facilitate complete evacuation, preventing residue buildup.


Make it comfortable

Extend your awning, grab your chairs, and create a comfortable outdoor living space and start enjoying everything the great doors has to offer!

We have some cool out door living accessories you might want to check-out!