Battery – Flooded RV Deep Cycle


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Flooded, lead acid batteries provide more power for accessories, demanding power draws and provide ample reserve capacity.

  • Built-in protection against internal short circuits for longer life.
  • Built for deep power drains to support high-powered appliances such as fridges, slide-outs and jacks.
  • More power for 12 volt applications and accessories than traditional flooded batteries
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Available sizes

  • Group 24
  • Group 27
  • Group 31

More Battery Information

24 Month Warranty

  • RV batteries:
    • Conventional flooded, AGM and Gel 12 – volt RV batteries include a 24-month warranty, free replacement.
    • Conventional flooded, AGM and Gel 6 – volt RV batteries include a 24-month free replacement warranty.
  • Power sports, automotive/commercial starting batteries:
    • For current warranty information, please check with your local RV Care dealer or email