Preparation and Travel Tips for Snowbirds

Preparation and Travel Tips for Snowbirds

With the US boarder reopening to leisure travel, are you making plans to head south for a warmer winter? Before your snowbirding adventure begins, read through our advice on making plans, preparing your RV, and where to turn if you encounter trouble on the road.

Preparation & Essentials 

Taking an extended trip outside of the country takes a lot of preparation and organization. With the added complication of COVID regulations and testing requirements, it can all seem overwhelming.

Be prepared before you go with thorough, up-to-date research. Find out what the current requirements are for entering the US and returning to Canada, know how long you can stay down south, what you’re allowed to bring across the border, and what documents you will need. 

Prepare your RV 

When traveling during the off-season, we always recommend you travel with your RV Winterized. Even if you’re leaving in the early fall, traveling with your RV winterized will prevent any freezing on the road from unexpected temperature drops before you reach your warm destination. 

Plan for home maintenance and security

When you’re leaving home for an extended trip, consider a house sitter or a friend or neighbour that will check in periodically. If you have a yard to take care of, arrange for someone to provide occasional maintenance. A home security system that allows you to check in remotely also provides peace of mind.

For longer trips, if you don’t have someone collecting your mail for you, use Canada Post’s Hold Mail service to temporarily stop mail delivery while you’re away.

Watch the weather 

Check the weather all along the route. If you’re traveling far, you could encounter a wide variety of weather as you travel, from sunny days to snowstorms. Once you know what to expect, you’ll be able to prepare you RV and alter your route accordingly.

Take care of your health 

If you’re traveling out of the country, it’s a good idea to purchase travel medical insurance to avoid a hefty, unplanned doctor’s bill.  

Know where to get help

If you’re traveling through the States, the RV Care network is partnered with the Route 66 dealership network. You’ll receive priority emergency service so you can get back on the road as quick as possible. Download our app before you go, and quickly find the nearest dealership. 

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