So, you’re ready to start enjoying the RV’ing lifestyle! That’s Awesome! Now you’ve got to think of the inevitable: Do I buy a NEW or USED RV?

The biggest advantage to buying a used RV is price. You’re going to get a lot more bang for your buck, should you decide that‘s the right pathway for you. However, a new RV can come with affordable financing options, manufacturers warranty coverages, and will have all the latest features and designs, oh, and that brand new RV smell! A big bonus, is that no one else will have ever lived in your RV AND it won’t have the added mileage and wear & tear.

Ask yourself the following questions when considering buying a USED RV:


How many people have owned the RV?


What’s the mileage on the tires & have they ever been replaced?


Do they have maintenance records?


Are there any water damages that you can see?

What you’re trying to determine is if there are additional repairs required and what does that look like from a cost perspective? These would be some typical questions you’d ask when buying a used RV off a private sale. You could ask the same questions when buying from a reputable RV dealer. They would have inspected the unit then applied their check-list of potential repairs before making it available. You can ask the dealer to share with you the documentation showing what’s been fixed or upgraded.

If you received answers that are validated and you’re feeling good and confident, then buying USED might be your next step. You’ll be able to find an RV that’s only a couple of years old, with tons of features, at a much more affordable price while you continue to learn what you like and dislike about your unit and RVing. Like we said no ”cons” all positive pathways!

However, if the answers to your questions leave you with more questions and or some doubt, AND you’re clear on how you want to use your RV, then maybe buying NEW is never a bad option.

Our network of RV Care dealers are there to assist you in determining the right unit for you, and or will answer all your questions or possible concerns. You can also review all the RV Care Network customer benefits, that equally can be considered, whether you buy a NEW or USED unit! It’s worth a quick glance!