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We’ve developed a shared customer commitment  with our Alliance Partner in the US, the Route 66 RV Network,  to go the extra mile in assisting our traveling customers in moments of need, to be that friendly face in a far away place! We put this commitment in writing in our Customer Care Promises

Take a couple of minutes and see for yourself ALL THE ADDED BENEFITS our network offers!

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We travel with you, to your local campground or across North America

RVs are not serviced like your car, meaning RVers take a chance if they show up at any RV dealership and expect similar expedient service. The unfortunate, “unwritten” RV industry rule is; if a unit requires repairs while traveling, the owner should return to the original purchasing dealership for servicing, and that, when traveling, IS USUALLY A BIG PROBLEM! NOT WITH RV CARE!

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Our North American Network of 200+ dealerships Will Recognize You As Our Network Customer and prioritize your urgent travel repairs to get you up and on your way. Pretty important when family vacation time is planned around traveling and seeing what the great outdoors has to offer.

Whether you’re an existing customer or considering to purchase a new RV, it’s always a good idea to explore and know what’s available. We encourage the learning process and invite you to visit our dealership or any other RV Care dealer member and DISCOVER, WHY and HOW our network can offer you much more! Many of the RV Care benefits come FREE with the purchase of a new or used RV.

24 years and counting, of servicing and building trust with our Canadian RVing Community is a good accomplishment, but our journey feels like it’s just begun!

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