What RVers Need to Know About Potable Water

Keep your RV’s potable water system fresh, working smoothly, and free of contaminates with these tips.

Choose the right hose

Not all hoses are created equal! Your regular garden hose can leach unwanted contaminants into your water supply, so always choose a hose specifically designed for fresh drinking water.

Colour-code those hoses 

You really don’t want to mix up your fresh water hose with one used to flush black water, grey water, or tote tanks. Different coloured hoses will help prevent cross-contamination from a mix-up.

Sanitize your RV’s water system

A routine maintenance task, you should be sanitizing your RV’s fresh water system each year when you de-winterize. This can be professionally done at a dealership, or at home with diluted bleach.   

Refresh your tanks

Don’t let the water in your holding tank sit and grow stale. Always drain any water that wasn’t used and refresh it before a new trip.

Mind the water weight 

Filling up with fresh water before you leave home will add quite a bit of weight to your RV. While this may be necessary if you’re camping off-the-grid, if you’re heading to a campsite with hook ups, consider adding just enough water for the journey.

Bring Back-up

It’s always wise to carry a supply of bottled drinking water in case of emergency. 

Questions about your RV’s potable water system? Talk to the experts at your local RV Care Dealership!


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