Sustainable Swaps and Ideas for your RV Lifestyle

Enjoy the pristine outdoors while reducing your environmental impact. We’re sharing our best sustainable swaps and ideas for your RV lifestyle.

Avoid single-use dishes

Skip single-use plastic plates and utensils to reduce waste, opting instead for lightweight, non-breakable dishware.

Be Prepared to Recycle on the Road

Not all campgrounds and parks will have recycling bins, so be prepared to store your recycling until it’s time to head home. Designate a recycling bin in your RV or underneath in your storage compartment. If you don’t want to pack it home with you, look up the local recycle centre to drop it off at on your way out of town.

Improve Fuel Economy in your RV

From simple maintenance to keep your engine working at its most efficient, to driving habits that keep you from burning through the fuel, check out our tips for improving your RV’s fuel economy.

Switch to LED lights

A great way to conserve energy in an older RV is to make the switch to LED lights. They use less power and produce less heat than traditional bulbs.

Shop local 

Visit local stores and farmers markets when you’re on the road. Not only will your food be fresher, but buying locally helps the environment by reducing your food miles.

Go Solar

Cut down on energy usage and costs with RV solar panels. Choose from either portable or roof-mounted solar panels, and enjoy the freedom that comes with them.

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