Your Guide to Spring Break RVing

Spring break is almost here and we can’t wait to hit the road! If you’re RVing this season, check out our tips for a fun and comfortable adventure.

Be Weather-Wise 

Shoulder season camping is all about being prepared for the unexpected changes in weather. Plan for chilly nights and stock your RV with extra blankets, back-up heat, and cozy flannel sheets.

Check the Spring Road Conditions

Travelling through mountain passes? Be prepared for the possibility of snow! Spring at higher elevations or more northern locations can still look a lot like winter.

Head South for Warmer Weather

If you’re traveling south this spring in search of warmer weather, don’t forget that the RV Care network is partnered with the Route 66 dealership network in the States. In the event that you need a repair on the road, you’ll receive priority emergency service so you can get back to your travels as quick as possible. 

Plan for Off-The-Grid Camping

While they may be open year-round, some campgrounds offer reduced services during the off-season. Double check the available amenities, what hookups are offered, and if wood is available on site.

Pack for Rainy Days

Spring RVing may mean less than ideal weather conditions, so pack boardgames, puzzles and extra tarps and enjoy nature’s sound machine.

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