6 RV Parts & Accessories that make life easier

6 RV Parts & Accessories that make life easier

From time-saving solutions to space-saving gear, these RV parts and accessories will make life at the campsite easier.

  • Electric jack 

If you have a manual jack on your trailer, give your arms a break and upgrade to an electric one. It will do the hard work for you!

  • Collapsible Kitchen Gear

Collapsible gear, like this portable dish drying rack, allows you to fit more of the cooking gear you need into a small RV kitchen. 

  • Leveling Blocks

The RV Traveler’s Choice interlocking leveling blocks are convenient and easy to use, and won’t slip around like blocks of wood can. It’s a must when you want to stabilize your RV on uneven grounds. It’s also a great tool when you need to hitch it!

  • Outdoor Rug 

An outdoor rug at the campsite is not only soft underfoot, but it will also cut down on the amount of dirt being tracked into your RV. 

  • Portable Solar Panels 

No hookups, no problem! Portable solar panels make powering your RV simple while off-the-grid.  

  • Boss Cleaners 

Return your RV to a like-new shine with far less elbow grease. Check out the line of RV Care Approved cleaning products by Boss

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