Tips for keeping your RV secure

You pack a lot of love and care and expensive camping gear into your RV, so it is important to also consider security. Returning from a day at the beach to an empty campsite will swiftly put an end to a fun vacation, and sleeping soundly without worrying about your gear is a must. There are many easy steps you can take to improve your security without spending a dime, as well as plenty of high-tech options if you’re thinking of investing in a system.

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Here are some important things to consider that will give you peace of mind while traveling or when your RV is in storage.

Start with how (and where!) you park.

Before you begin investing in high tech security measures, start by minimizing your risk.  Read campground reviews before you book to get a sense of any potential issues, and choose well-lit areas when parking overnight at a truck stop or parking lot. Embrace the RVing community, look out for your fellow travelers, and they are sure to do the same for you.

Once you’ve selected your campsite, rather than just reversing your trailer into your spot and parking that way, you can use a jockey wheel or tongue wheel to turn your trailer around, making the hitch harder and more time consuming to access for any potential thieves.

Lock it up.

You’re probably already keeping the doors and windows secured, but if you have a trailer, purchase a specialized hitch lock that will prevent thieves from hitching your trailer to their truck and driving it away. Wheel locks are also an option that immobilize the wheels and will prevent your trailer from being moved.

Minimize temptations.

A quick tidy-up of your campsite before settling in for the night or heading out for the day will lessen the temptation for would-be thieves. Lock up your expensive equipment and keep valuables out of sight and your shades closed when you leave your RV. It also doesn’t hurt to leave any unnecessary valuables at home.

Light your site.

Especially beneficial when you are camping in an isolated area, motion sensor lights will illuminate the area around your RV when triggered by movement, enabling you to see what is outside and act as a deterrent to thieves.

Install an alarm.

If you want to go one step further, there are a variety of alarm systems to choose from that will work for your RV, such as simple door wedge alarms or more complex wireless motion alarm system. Specialized RV alarm systems can detect movement inside the camper, as well as using a built in tilt sensor to detect movement of the camper. Some even sync to your Smartphone.

Buy insurance.

If you find yourself the unfortunate victim of RV theft, you will sure be thankful for RV insurance. Depending on what you travel with, you can also look into insuring your snowmobile or ATV, or other personal gear.

If you have any questions or concerns about the security of your RV, talk to your local RV Care Dealer. They will be happy to help you choose the right options for your situation, minimizing your risk so you can maximize your fun!