Summer Family RV Bucket List

Summer RV Bucket List

Summer holidays are here and it’s time to pack up the RV and hit the road for some quality family time. What are you hoping to see and do this summer? We’re sharing some bucket list ideas for a summertime of family fun.

1.  Learn something new together

Challenge yourself to learn something new as a family this summer. Always wanted to try kayaking? Stand-up paddle boarding? Geocaching? Or even surfing? Vote on activity that everyone wants to try, and research where you can find rentals or lessons, and plan a day during your camping trip to make it happen. You might just find a new family hobby.

2.  Take silly family selfies

Make a point to stop for fun photo ops on your next road trip, the crazier the sight, the better. From coast to coast, Canada has an abundance of “world’s largest” objects, from a huge truck in Sparwood, BC, to the giant squid in Glover’s Harbour, Newfoundland, don’t forget to pull over and take a family selfie.

3.  Book a staycation

You don’t always have to travel far to enjoy new experiences. Book into a local RV park, and be tourists in your own city! See familiar surroundings at a different pace, pop into local museums, explore new parks and attractions.

4.  Spend time offline

As areas without WIFI or cell service become fewer and fewer, it can be easy to stay online even when camping. Make a point this summer to disconnect completely, and enjoy a better connection with each other! Rainy day at the campsite? Don’t default to Netflix or scrolling Facebook, break out the board games for a family tournament.

5.  Share a favourite hobby

Passing on a skill or hobby to your kids can be a wonderful bonding experience. This summer may just be the perfect time to pass on your fishing technique, go on an outdoor painting expedition, or anything else that involves your family in something you love to do.

6.  Have a “yes” day

When was the last time you let your kids set the agenda? From what to eat to where to go, tell your kids it’s their turn to decide how the day will unfold. Whatever they choose to do (within reason and budget, of course), your job is to say yes and make it happen.

What’s on your Family’s RVing bucket list this summer? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!