RV Safety Tips

From mechanical maintenance to medical precautions, there are steps you can take before hitting the road to prepare you for whatever mishaps may come your way. Stay safe with these tips for the whole family, pets included!


Don’t miss your annual RV inspection
An annual inspection can catch wear and tear before it becomes an issue in the middle of your holiday. We always recommend having an annual inspection of your propane system and appliance service done by the pros, as malfunctions in this system can be deadly. The same goes for your tires and brakes. It’s always reassuring to know your RV is in top shape, so learn more about annual maintenance.

Safety equipment
Test the smoke alarm, carbon monoxide monitor, and propane monitor to ensure they are working, and keep spare batteries on hand if they are not hardwired. Keep a fire extinguisher on board in an easy to access spot, as well as a good roadside emergency kit.

Have a plan if you break down
Bring along your RV Care customer card, and know where the closest RV Care dealers are along your route. Look them up quickly on our website or app, and enjoy priority emergency service so you can get back to enjoying your vacation.

Watch the weather
Traveling into the fall and winter can mean running into storms or snow. Be sure to check the weather along your route and at the destination, and make sure you’re prepared for it. 

Know your RV’s height
Don’t guess when it comes to passing under low bridges or overhangs, make sure you know the exact height of your RV. 

Pack your tool kit with the right gear
Be prepared for quick fixes or tire changes on the road or at the campsite. Check out our tool kit recommendations for what to bring along. 


Pack a first aid kit
Getting out and exploring nature can sometimes result in a few bumps and bruises! Be ready with a well-stocked first aid kit, and don’t forget to add in bug spray and ointment for bug bites. 

Stock extras of any necessary medications
If you take a regular medication, pack more than you need for the trip. That way you won’t be hunting for a pharmacy if your trip takes an unexpected detour. If you’re travelling with kids, be sure to keep something for fevers or allergic reactions on hand if something unexpected pops up.

Consider the wildlife
Are you RVing in bear country? The last thing you want is a nighttime visitor crashing through your camp because you forgot to put your snacks away! Be aware of any wild animals in the area, and be sure to safely stow both your food and your pet’s, inside.

Think about security
Enjoy peace of mind while traveling or when your RV is in storage with our tips for keeping your RV secure. 


Keep your pets safely secured
Make sure your pets have a safe spot to be secured while traveling. Check out a seatbelt harness or carrier that suits their size, so everyone stays put in the event of a quick break or sharp turn. 

Don’t forget ID tags or a microchip
Losing your pet in an unfamiliar location is extremely stressful, so make sure they have the proper identification to help you get reunited, using your mobile number as the contact on their tag. 

While at the campground, consider a long leash or portable fence
Give your pets space to roam without worrying about them running off after a squirrel! Using a long leash, run, or portable fence will allow them to enjoy the fun without wandering off.

Do you have further questions about RV Safety? Talk to the knowledgeable staff at your local RV Care Dealer, they’ll be happy to help you stay safe on the road.