Our New Year’s RVing Resolutions

A new year has begun and it’s the perfect time to start planning for the upcoming RVing season. We’ve all got our favourite places to visit and camping rituals that we look forward to every year, but perhaps it’s time to shake up your routine a bit.

Cheers lass of two people make a toast at the mountain top view from their camping site with red and silver glass

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some New Year’s RVing Resolutions.

1. Cook over the campfire more

Challenge yourself to get out of your RV’s kitchen and try out new campfire recipes, like a delicious campsite jambalaya.

2. Make that upgrade in your RV you’ve been putting off

Have your eye on a solar power system, generator, or perhaps a new mattress? See your local RV Care dealer and treat yourself to something on your wish list.

3. Visit a new national park

If you needed an extra incentive to get out and explore our country this year, passes for Canada’s National Parks are free for 2017 in celebration of the 150th anniversary of confederation. It’s the perfect year to travel somewhere new.

4. Learn a new RV maintenance skill

Check out our tips on how to winterize your RV, maintain the awning, or change a flat trailer tire.

5. Take up a new hobby

RVing lends itself to so many great hobbies. From bird watching or fishing to mountain biking or cross-country skiing, challenge yourself to try out a new activity this year.

6. Introduce friends or family to the RVing lifestyle

Share your passion for RVing with friends of family that haven’t experienced it before, we know you’ll have them hooked after just one weekend.

7. Take more detours

It’s easy to focus on the destination, only stopping for fuel or food, but unexpected memories can be made along the way too. Make a point to allow extra time for unexpected pit stops and roadside attractions, or even just taking a new alternate route.

Tell us in the comments; what are your 2017 New Year’s RVing Resolutions?