Must-have Gear for Winter RVing

Once you’ve done the important work of preparing your RVs systems for a winter outing, you’ll want to add in some extra gear to keep you warm and cozy on your trip!

Winter RVing

Heated Bedding

Add some extra warmth to your bed with a heated mattress pad or an electric blanket for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Insulated Containers  

Don’t forget to pack a few insulated travel mugs and thermoses into your cupboards, and you’ll be set to bring along your favourite hot beverage or lunch if you’re heading out into the snow.

Heated Water Hose

Upgrade your regular water hose to one that is heated and reduce your risk of a frozen hose.

Back-up Heat

Bring an electric space heater to supplement the heat from your furnace. It’s also important to have in the event of a furnace failure, or if you run out of propane.

Comfort foods

Think warm, comforting foods while your meal planning! You can check out some of our favourite recipes here.

Winterized First Aid & Emergency Kit

Update your kits for winter! Add in an emergency thermal blanket, extra candles, non-perishable foods, a bucket of sand for extra tire traction, extra windshield wiper fluid, and a windshield ice scraper with snow brush.

Thermal layers

The key to staying warm on a winter camping trip is to stay dry! Bring extra wool or thermal layers designed to wick moisture away. Waterproof gloves and hats are also essential.

Headlamp or flashlight

These are obviously a camping staple year-round, but you’ll get even more use out of them in the winter when the sun sets hours earlier.

Extra supplies

As you pack up your RV, have a plan for what you’ll do if you end up stranded by the weather. You’ll want to have a few extra days of food, water, and propane, depending on how remote you are traveling.


Fun during the day for the kids, and extra useful around the campsite for transporting firewood!

Snow shovel

When it’s time to leave, you may need to do some digging before you make it back on the road again, so don’t forget to throw in your snow shovel before you leave home.

We hope these items keep you nice and toasty on your next winter outing! Stop by your local RV Care dealer to stock up on supplies and get their valuable advice on winter RVing. You can also check out our tips for preparing your RV for short-term winter camping, and some of our favourite spots to visit.