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What you need to know about Extended Warranties for your RV

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The last thing anyone wants in the middle of RV season is for something to go wrong, resulting in major repairs and time in the service department. This can become a costly inconvenience and takes time out of your RV adventuring that you had planned.

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Unfortunately, with wear and tear things are bound to break, wear out or they may just be faulty from the manufacturing process. Nonetheless, these situations are unavoidable, but they can be made to be less of a headache if you get an extended warranty for your RV.

Purchasing extended warranties is completely your choice and is no way mandatory, some people prefer it and some don’t. It ultimately comes down to the unit that you own, your budget, your insurance policy and the warranty that comes complimentary with the purchase of your RV.

We sat down with Paul Sinclair, the Financial Services Manager at Bucars RV Centre near Calgary, one of our founding RV Care Dealers, to talk about what consumers should know about extended warranties. Continue reading