8 signs it’s time for a new RV


There will always be pros and cons to consider before trading in your current RV, but there comes a point where a new (or new to you) one may be the answer to your current situation. So how do you decide when it’s time to take the leap? Here are 8 signs it’s time for a new RV:

1. Your camping crew has expanded

The small camper van you traveled across North America in during your honeymoon may hold great memories for you, but now that your three kids have joined the crew, it’s feeling a little cramped. Family changes are a big factor in deciding it’s time for a new RV. If your family is growing and you’re running out of beds, it may be time to start looking for something suited to your current family size.

2. Your camping crew has shrunk

Fast forward a couple decades. Your kids have flown the nest, and now your family RV is feeling a bit big. If your lifestyle is changing, it might be time to reassess your current RV and decide if it is still serving you well. If you no longer need the extra space, it may be a great time to switch to something more compact and streamlined.

3. Your RV is nearing a permanent retirement

Eventually, no matter how much love and care you have given it over the years, your RV will start showing its age. With costly repairs and replacements on the horizon, is it time to retire your old-timer? It might be the perfect time to find something more fuel efficient or with more modern conveniences that just weren’t available when your RV was manufactured.

4. Financial change

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide price range to match. The budget you had when you purchased your RV years ago may have shifted, either up or down. If you’re feeling a financial crunch, or perhaps a new sense of financial freedom, it may be a good time to look at what’s available in your current price range.

5. You’re shaking up your usual camping routine

Is the way you’re using your RV is changing? Rather than just a week during the summer, you may be spending a few months at a time. Or, on the flip side, what once was more long term camping, may be decreasing to fewer outings. Maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby and need more space to store your gear or park your new ATVs. A shift in the way you use your RV may lead you to consider a more functional option.

6. Vehicle change

Have you recently upgraded your family car to something more powerful? A whole new world of possibilities may have just opened to what you can tow behind you. On the other hand, the loss of a proper tow vehicle may mean it’s time to look at a motorhome or lightweight trailer.

7. You’re hitting the road – full-time

You’re not just changing the way you RV, you’re changing the way you live. Welcome to life on the road, full-time! At this stage in your RVing journey, things that you’ve gone without for shorter trips may be things you want in your now permanent home. It could be more storage, a better closet area, washer and dryer, or even more counter space for cooking. Now is the time to evaluate your current situation and determine what upgrades will make your new full-time residence your dream home on the road.

8. You’ve spotted an amazing deal

Who hasn’t been tempted by a sale? If you’ve been eyeing an upgrade, and find yourself won over by enticing deals or financing rates, it may just be the perfect time to treat yourself!

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